A Day in Aba – Finding Hidden Gems

A Day in Aba

In this blog post, I have shared the experiences I had on a day in Aba, Abia State. I visited some places with my friend, and also discovered other places we never knew existed in the very town we live in. What they don’t tell you about being a workaholic is that you will start […]

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Biohackers | Series Review

Biohackers review

First of all, Oh My God! I think I just found my favourite series in a long time. Biohackers is a German Sci-fi/Thriller series about gene modifications, gene therapy, and genetic disorders. Also, friendship, loyalty, love, trust, and betrayal. It highlights the legal and moral consequences of performing scientific experiments that pose threats to humanity. […]

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Twenty-Grateful | 21 Things I am Grateful for

Yukay's birthday

Birthdays are beautiful, I must say. I’ve just been celebrating them the wrong way. This year was almost going to be one of those birthdays when I wake up feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. I wasn’t really raised to be big on birthdays, so seeing people do heavy things on these days was something I could […]

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On Ajayi Crowther Street | Book Review

On Ajayi Crowther Street

On Ajayi Crowther Street is one of those books I bought without any idea of what it was all about. I did not expect it to be anything, so having my first graphic novel came as a surprise.  Synopsis “On the noisy Ajayi Crowther Street in Lagos, neighbors gather to gossip, discuss noise complaints, and […]

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On Becoming my True Self

On becoming my true self

We are close to the end of 2021 and where I had projected myself from 2020 to be by now is probably going to take longer than I thought. Last year, I was on a mission to find myself. I did not want to do or become, I only wanted to know. I sought for […]

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EXIT: A YouVersion Devotional

YouVersion Devotional

On my quest to revive my spiritual life and get my creative juices flowing, I stumbled upon a YouVersion devotional titled, “Exit”. ABOUT EXIT Exit is a 10-day devotional by Wande, a recording artist at Reach Records, going through the different seasons of walking with Christ and how to trust in God through those seasons. […]

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