visiting Ibeno Beach Akwa Ibom State

Visiting Ibeno Beach was the highlight of my trip to Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. I had traveled across two states to get there, and since it was my first time experiencing a beach, I didn’t expect it to be anything short of memorable.

After enduring a nightmare of a journey, the thought that I had a beach awaiting me helped keep my mood in check. There’s something about water that has a profound effect on one’s mood, whether it’s the anticipation of experiencing it or simply the thought of being near it.

Ibeno Beach

On the morning that we were set to go to the beach, we were greeted with rainfall. It continued to rain until about 11 am, and we weren’t going to let it or anything chip away at our determination to visit the beach on that day. With only two days to explore Akwa Ibom, we knew that every moment counted, and we wanted to make the most of our limited time. After all, I had an extensive list of places I wanted to visit, and I was eager to tick them all off my itinerary.

When the rain drizzled to a stop, I clutched my hippie bag, which was heavy with my beach essentials, and hurried out of the hotel unto the serene road. There were no bikes in sight. Patiently, we waited for several minutes, hoping that one would eventually appear. Finally, one came by, and we quickly hopped on, excitedly embarking on our journey to Ibeno Beach.

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Ibeno Beach

As we drew nearer to the beach, my excitement reached a fever pitch. The cold wind that swept across my face was a clear indication of the gradual drop in temperature, which only served to heighten my anticipation.

After approximately 12 minutes of riding, our bike came to a screeching halt in a vast open space. I didn’t need to ask any questions because the signboard we had passed along the way clearly showed that we were at Ibeno Beach. However, a lingering sense of unease began to creep in. Where was everyone? Why were there no ladies in bikinis and beachgoers with tote bags in sight? After a few moments of confusion, it dawned on me that it was a weekday.

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We strolled leisurely between the bungalows that obstructed the ocean view. These were either restaurants or awkward-looking guest houses that left me wondering what kind of individuals would choose to lodge there. 

Through the empty restaurant stalls, I caught a mesmerizing glimpse of the waves crashing fiercely onto the shore, evoking a profound sense of nostalgia within me. It was a surreal moment. This was the ocean, right in front of my eyes. It was hard to believe. I had only seen scenes like this in movies or on Instagram reels. Yet, on this remarkable day, I stood in awe as I beheld the real, raw beauty of the ocean. It was a moment of sheer disbelief and wonder as if a dream had materialized into reality before my very eyes.

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Aside from the occasional bikes that drove by, heading towards destinations unknown to me, and a distant couple enjoying their own private moment, the beach remained devoid of people. While it would have been exciting to experience the beach at its peak time, teeming with activities and a wide variety of foods to choose from, I found solace in the solitude. 

The absence of distractions allowed me the freedom to bask in the uninterrupted sound of the waves, and fully immerse myself in the tranquil environment. The emptiness of the beach only amplified its natural beauty and created an atmosphere of serenity that was truly unmatched.

Realizing that I didn’t travel all the way just to merely see the beach and leave, I stripped my clothes off and fell to my knees, allowing the gentle waves to caress my limbs before they receded back into the ocean. The sensation was incredibly soothing, but I yearned for something more exhilarating. While riding the waves might have been beyond my reach, I was far determined not to remain huddled on the shore like a penguin.

With a firm resolve to harbor no regrets, I clung to my partner’s legs as a massive wave approached. Squeezing my eyes shut, I braced myself for the imminent impact, expecting the forceful crash against my back. However, when I felt my partner twitch and exclaim, “Fuck!” I knew that the wave had unexpectedly subsided before reaching us.

Seeing the relentless grit that shone in my eyes, my partner reached out and helped me to my feet and we waded further into the ocean. Offering his legs once more, he urged me to hold on tightly as we braced ourselves for another wave. 

Ibeno Beach
Ibeno Beach

He was the first to spot the incoming wave and he called out to me, instructing me to grip his legs firmly and never let go, no matter how rough the ride became.

Eager to experience this, I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms tightly around his legs. With closed eyes, I awaited the wave’s ferocious advance, ready to be engulfed by its forceful embrace.

Ibeno Beach

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