Ijeawele is an Igbo word that means Journey Mercies, Safe Journey, or Journey of Favour. For this blog, I’ll settle with Journey of Favour.

Ijeawele is where I share the good, the ugly, and the not-so-good journeys and experiences of my life, in the hope that, just as the name implies, my going, living, and coming back, will be filled with mercy, grace, and favour. And I hope to extend it all to anyone who finds my blog a safe place. I want my stories to resonate with you and become that nudge you need to step out and live fully.

I am constantly searching for locations and hidden gems in my home country. Nature and historic places have my heart but I will also share with you, all my findings and how you can get there yourself.

Travel through my eyes and have as much fun as I am!

About Me

My name is Favour Obioha, the founder and lead content creator of Ijeawele blog. I discovered my love for travel in 2020, during the lockdown, and had a goal to set up my blog and make it up as I go. Writing and photography are my creative expressions; therefore I will travel places and tell my stories using words and pictures.

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