About Ijeawele


Ijeawele is an Igbo word that means Journey Mercies, Safe Journey, or Journey of Favour. For the purpose of this blog, I’ll settle with Journey of Favour.

Ijeawele is where I share the good, the ugly, and the not-so-good journeys and experiences of my life, in the hope that, just as the name implies, my going, living, and coming back, would be filled with mercy, grace, and favour. And I hope to extend it all to anyone who finds my blog a safe place. May my stories resonate with you and become the strength and inspiration you need to live life to its fullest.

God’s word makes it clear that our sufferings, our comforts, and our joys are meant not to be hoarded, but to be shared, to be given away. So here, there is no such thing as oversharing; as vulnerable as the stories are, they will be shared, regardless.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories of my life as much as I enjoyed living them.

About Me

My name is Favour Obioha. I am an undergraduate student of Biotechnology with a keen interest in Art, Literature, and Computational Biology/Bioinformatics. Books are amongst the things that make me happy as I find book shopping strangely therapeutic. I love God, and I am actively seeking intimacy with Him. I enjoy trying new things (except food, for now. I have trust issues + a soft stomach) and visiting new places. I am a full-time scholar, studying like my whole life and career depend on it (Because they do).