vatican city hotel aba review

Vatican City Hotel Aba is one of the most luxurious hotels in Abia State, Nigeria. In this post, I have detailed some of the features that make it an excellent choice for visitors.

The Vatican City Hotel, conveniently located on one of the most popular streets in the heart of Aba, is the newest hotel in town as of this writing, having only been open for four months.

The building, which resembles a grand family mansion, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interior which is breathtaking in all its forms. The architectural design is done in a luxury style with yellow, white, and gold accents, as well as sporadic gravel walls that complement the theme.

The main entrance door leads to the reception area, as expected, and the foyer emits the intimacy of a family living room. To the left is the Moscow bar which is open to everyone; walking through the door feels like walking through a portal as the quiet is immediately subdued by blasting music, thanks to the soundproof walls. The VIP bar is located inside the Moscow bar, with the door to the left of the counter.

Back in the reception area, another door leads to a passageway, and a staircase adjacent to the door leads upstairs to the lodging rooms. Fine art frames adorn all of the walls, giving the space the feel of an art gallery.

Vatican City Hotel Aba – Who is it for?

The Vatican City Hotel is for those who enjoy luxury and royalty. People visiting Aba for business or conferences can stay here because it is close to major markets and conference venues.


The hotel has a total of 24 luxuriously furnished rooms. Each room is named after different countries and cities in the world; room names and numbers are designed on a modern back-lit LED door sign that illuminates when a room is occupied.

The majestic ambiance will have you feeling like royalty, as every nook and cranny of the rooms is meticulously detailed.

Room Types and Prices

There are eight categories of rooms in the hotel and they are as follows:

  • Presidential Suite – N60,000
  • Executive Twin Royal – N50,250
  • Executive Royal – N50,250
  • Executive Gold – N28,750
  • Executive Deluxe – N25,300
  • Deluxe – N23,000
  • Standard Special – N20,700
  • Standard – N17,250

Complimentary breakfast is included in all rooms, from the Presidential Suite to the Executive Deluxe.

Presidential Suite

The presidential suite has a living room and a bedroom.

Executive Royal

Standard Special

Executive Twin Royal

The Executive Twin Royal has a studio-like room and a bedroom.

Executive Twin Royal – Paris

Executive Gold

Executive Gold – Oslo

Executive Deluxe

Executive Deluxe – Seychelles

Hotel Amenities

Among the hotel amenities are:

  • Three bars
  • Fries & Grills Spot
  • Lovers’ Corner

The Bars

The three bars in the hotel are the Moscow bar, the VIP bar, and the Babylon bar.

The Moscow Bar

The Moscow bar, located near the reception area, is where food and drinks are served. Wine, beer, and soft drinks are displayed behind the counter. One can listen to music while relaxing on the super soft couches alone or with friends. The bar is also accessible to the public.

The VIP Bar

The VIP bar is just one section of the Moscow bar. It is dimly lit with RGB lights, making it difficult to see anyone’s face. This area is only for a specific group of people who get to enjoy benefits that others do not.

The Babylon Bar

The Babylon bar is located upstairs on the building’s terrace, overlooking the city. This area is where guests can sit and relax; it is calmer and more reserved than the other bars. One of the benefits is that one can enjoy the cool evening breeze and watch the sunset while sipping their favorite drink. The Babylon bar is not accessible to non-guests.

Lovers’ Corner

Lovers’ Corner is a small, intimate space exquisitely designed for couples. This is a great place to spend time with a partner or a special friend. The fixed concrete seats and tables are arranged in a face-to-face configuration, allowing only two people per table. Food and drinks are also served here, and the genre of music that comes through the sound system goes straight to the soul, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Fries & Grills Spot

Another unique feature of the hotel is the Fries & Grills Spot, which serves barbecue and other types of fries. The stand is directly across from Lovers’ Corner, and you can enjoy all of their delicacies either there or at the Moscow bar. You can also take your order home in whatever form you prefer.


  • Free Wifi
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Laundry Services
  • Free Parking
  • 24-hour Power Supply
  • Security

What’s Nearby?

Vatican City Hotel is about a 10-minute drive from Aba Main Park, and an hour’s drive from Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri. It is also close to some other places of interest in Aba such as the National Museum of Colonial History, Mbonu Emerem Museum of Art, Ariaria International Market, and Aba Nigeria Temple.

Vatican City Hotel is located at No. 9 Ebisike Street by Faulks Road, Aba, Abia State.

Do you have any questions about this hotel? Do let me know in the comment section, and I will do my best to answer.


  1. I love the creative names of the suites. I am getting more club and after-club relaxation vibes from the hotel. Wondering how soundproof the rooms are, especially if the bars and lounges are busy.

    1. Yes, about that, I can’t really tell for sure as I haven’t spent time there during club hours. It’s a small hotel, they should know to put measures in place for situations like this so the guests won’t get affected by it.

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