Places to visit in Nigeria

I have listed all the places in Nigeria that I want to visit this year in this post. Some of these locations were on my list last year as well, but I’m hoping this is the year I finally get to cross them off, in one way or another.

I made this list of places to visit in Nigeria as realistic as I could by only adding places that are close enough for me to easily get to them when the chance arises. Since this year is going to be generally intense for me, there is no pressure to cross off every place on this list before the end of the year.

Nigerian States on my Travel Bucket List

Below are the places in Nigeria that I plan to visit this year at any chance I get.

1. Delta State

Mount Ned Nwoko Resort © Cassie Daves

I never considered Delta State a good travel destination in Nigeria until last year. Following the opening of the biggest water park in Nigeria, and maybe West Africa. After my friend’s visit in July, I marked her itinerary to visit whenever I could afford to. Mount Ned Nwoko Resort, McCarthy Beach, the River Ethiope, and its source are some of the attractions on my list.

Mount Ned Nwoko Resort. © Cassie Daves

2. Brass Island, Bayelsa State

Brass Island, Bayelsa State. © Tamarah of The Tamarah Blog

After visiting Bayelsa for the third time, I decided it was time to quell my fears and travel several hours on the water to Brass Island. I have researched all the tourist attractions in Bayelsa, and a bulk of them are on Brass Island, meaning that anyone who visits the state without visiting Brass cannot say they have explored the state yet.

Noteworthy places on my list are Okpoama Beach, Tarkwa Bay, Akassa Lighthouse, and Edumanom Forest Reserve.

Brass Island, Bayelsa State. © Tamarah of The Tamarah Blog

Read about Tamarah’s experience for more inspiration.

3. Rivers State

Finima Nature Park, Port Harcourt. © Artsy Moments

River State is another state on my list of places to visit in Nigeria this year. Port Harcourt Pleasure Park is one location that has been on my bucket list since God knows when. Despite being only two hours away, I have yet to visit this city as an adult. I would like to sail to Bonny Island to explore the Finima Nature Park and Port Harcourt Zoo.

4. Enugu State

Enugu State. © Artsy Moments

Enugu is another state on my list of places to visit in Nigeria this year, and I’m hoping to go with a group for this one. I have a long list of things I want to do, like go on a roller coaster in Oakland and experience the nightlife in Enugu City. Awhum Waterfall and Cave, Ngwo Pine Forest, and other places I look forward to exploring.

5. Akwa Ibom State

Etinan Village, Etinan Local Government Area.
Etinan Village, Akwa Ibom. Credit: @Nigeriastories

Akwa Ibom is easily one of the top travel destinations in Nigeria. Almost everyone has Uyo, the state’s capital, on their list of places to visit in Nigeria because it is a state with a lovely landscape and peaceful atmosphere. I have over twenty places on my notes app that I want to explore, and I hope I can check off one-third of them this year.

6. Cross River State

Agbokim Waterfalls. © Amarachi of Travel with a Pen

I missed a travel opportunity to explore Cross River State in 2020, and to this day, I’m still wallowing in regret. Have you seen the waterfalls in Cross River? I’m dying to see Agbokim Waterfall and Kwa Falls with my own eyes, and hopefully, it will never ever exceed this year.

Extra Places to Visit in Nigeria

  • Lagos State
  • Osun State
  • Ondo State
  • Ogun State
  • Ekiti State
  • FCT
  • Niger State
  • Kano State
  • Plateau State
  • Katsina State

How many of these places have you visited? Care to share your travel bucket list for this year? I would love to see!


Places to visit in Nigeria


  1. Delta State is also high on my list. I have visited before though and enjoyed my stay there but will love to go back to explore more attractions there. Uyo is also high up there. Looking forward to reading about your subsequent trips! Also, what was the travel opportunity you missed out on in 2020? A school trip or one organized by friends?

    1. Thank you, Amarachi. I also look forward to reading about your experiences when you get to visit again.

      About the missed trip, it was a group trip to Akwa Ibom and Cross River. I even paid for it but school got in the way so I had to make my priorities. I forfeited without any compensations.

  2. Delta way!

    1. So happy for youuu!?

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    6 Best Places to Visit in Nigeria This Year

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