2024 Travel Bucket List

Last year, I decided to start writing about the places I wanted to visit every year in a blog post at the beginning of the year. I did it first last year, and I was amazed by how much of the list I managed to check off.

This year is off to a giddy start, and I am particularly excited to prepare my travel gear and hit the road once again.

With that said, in this post, I will be sharing the places I want to travel to this year, a.k.a., my 2024 travel bucket list, both within and outside of Nigeria.

Let’s get into it!

Places I Want to Visit in Nigeria

Ibadan is a city of brown rooftops. Here’s a view from a hill close to the Bower Tower

Ibadan, Oyo State

Before coming to Lagos, I had planned to explore all its neighboring states before returning to the east, and Oyo was one of them. Having received three invitations, I think I am the one holding myself back from exploring the lovely city of Ibadan. One gracious host even promised me a first-class train ticket as soon as I decide, and I wouldn’t want that offer to pass while I am still waiting to be ready.

On my Ibadan itinerary are Eleyele Lake, Ado Awaye and Iyake Lake, the University of Ibadan Zoological Gardens, Agodi Gardens, Cocoa House, Bower’s Tower, Mapo Hall, and others.

I am really excited about my trip to Ibadan, and I am trying my very best to squeeze it into my schedule this January.

Badagry, Lagos State

Credit: Rachels Ruminations

I missed out on a trip to Badagry last year, and I haven’t gotten over that yet. Badagry is a place I wouldn’t want to visit alone, and I am trying to see if I can organize a mini-group trip by boat to spice up the adventure.

This historic town holds some interesting stories that I would love to hear about. The closest experiences I’ve had to this are from my trip to Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom.

Badagry Heritage Museum, the First-Story Building in Nigeria, the Badagry Slave Route, and Gberefu Island (Point of No Return) are among the things that make Badagry unique and worth visiting.

Osun State

Credit: godscollections.org

Ever since I started traveling, Osun has held a special place on my travel bucket list. Hopefully, this is the year I will finally tick it off.

Staying at Nike Guest House has been a dream of mine for some reason. Even though it’s not particularly fancy, there’s something about the vibe that I find quite appealing.

Some of the places on my Osun State bucket list are Osun Oshogbo Sacred Grove, Erin Ijesha Waterfall, Nike Art Gallery, and Moremi Statue.

Moremi Statue
Credit: Travel With a Pen

Ekiti State

Credit: The Guardian

Ekiti State is on my list for just one reason, and if your guess is Ikogosi Warm Spring, you are absolutely correct! Ever since I missed a school trip to Ikogosi during my 100 level, I made a mental note to visit it on my own when I could afford it. Well, that time is finally this year.

Credit: Punch Newspaper

Lodging at Ikogosi Resort is also an experience I look forward to if my budget allows it.

Benin City, Edo State

Credit: Wikipedia

My cousin has been inviting me to her place in Benin City for almost a year now, and I’ve been dragging my feet on that. I am looking to take over this city in the first quarter of 2024, and I can’t hold my excitement.

Credit: Independent Newspaper Nigeria

I had always thought Edo State had little to offer when it comes to tourism until I discovered Ososo Hill. No, I am definitely seeing this gem this year.

Bauchi State

Emir’s Palace
Credit: Premium Times Nigeria

If there’s one thing that has brought me immense joy since the year started, it’s the anticipation of visiting Bauchi State. A tiny confession: whenever I see others share their experiences in Bauchi, a twinge of jealousy hits me, and I whisper to myself, “Girl, this could be you.”

Whoop! That’s going to be me this year. I’ve already dreamt about staying at Yankari Game Reserve and taking a dip in the Wikki Warm Spring. It’s happening. It’s already been revealed to me. Alleluia.

Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State

Credit: Wikipedia

After virtually following the experiences of others last year, I’ve bookmarked Mambilla Plateau for my adventures in 2024.

I don’t know how this trip is going to happen or if it will happen at all, but I want to visit this place, and I will do anything it takes to make it happen.


Abuja National Mosque
Credit: Wikipedia

Okay, I’ll be honest; Abuja is not on my 2024 travel bucket list. But my spirit tells me something will bring me to Abuja this year—maybe work or an event.

As of now, I have nothing on my Abuja list, but when (or if) the time comes, I’ll make it up as I go.

Niger, Kano, Kastina, Kaduna, and Plateau States

Zuma Rock, Niger State
Credit: Sage Travels

Since we’re already exploring some parts of the north this year, I might as well visit some of these states. They are not exactly on my 2024 travel bucket list.  I’d call the list they belong to “my consideration list” or “my opportunity list.” I can’t explain it better than the words did.

Niger is just a neighboring state to Abuja, and if I were in Abuja, I just might go see Gurara Falls, a site I never tire of watching whenever it pops up on my feed. Have you seen this gem?

Gurara Waterfalls, Niger State
Credit: Come To Nigeria

I think it’s worth mentioning that I don’t have a specific goal of exploring all 36 states in Nigeria. I’m a girl who loves to travel, and I would seize any travel opportunity that falls within my reach. While I’m not particularly drawn to exploring the northern states for obvious reasons, I’m not ruling them out either. If I feel up to it, I’ll do it. And if I don’t, hello to the rest of the world.

Which brings me to another category of my 2024 travel bucket list.

Places I Want to Visit Outside Nigeria

Aerial view of the Atlantic Ocean coastline along the shores of Cotonou, Benin

Benin Republic 

Benin Republic had a carryover in 2023, and this year, we are bringing it back on the list! I have seen this country, and now I’m dying to be in this country.

The sights I caught while riding through Benin on my Togo and Ghana road trip last December reminded me of why this country deserved a huge spot on my 2024 travel bucket list, and this is the year I make that happen, hopefully, in this first quarter.


Credit: Wikipedia

When I first wrote down that I wanted to visit Kenya this year, it seemed like a delusion. However, as we move further into the year, I see the possibility of it happening, and boy, is it going to be a sweet trip.

I love Kenya. I love this country so much that it makes me want to cry. I wouldn’t mind canceling every other destination on my list this year just to make my Kenyan dreams a reality.

Rwanda and Uganda

When I was still a teen, I watched a documentary on Nickelodeon that starred Yde. If you’re wondering who Yde is, she played Tomika in School of Rock. In that documentary, she explores Uganda’s wildlife. The time I saw that show was when Uganda made its way to my must-visit list. It’s been years now, and that list is still valid.

Realistically speaking, I added these two countries here together because I am thinking of visiting three countries for almost the price of one. You know, like how one would visit Benin, Togo, and Ghana on one trip.

I don’t know how this would work out, but whenever I get to plan my trip to Kenya, I will explore this possibility.


Lebanon currently offers relatively cheaper flight rates, and I believe this might change with time if it hasn’t already. This was once the case with Rwanda, and look where we are now.

While flight fares to Lebanon still appear affordable, I’m squeezing this Middle Eastern country into my 2024 travel bucket list.

I’m looking to experience a country outside Africa this year, and I think Lebanon is a good place to start, given how easy the visa process is for us Nigerians.

My 2024 Travel Bucket List (Delulu List)


I don’t even think I’ll have what it takes to get approved for a Japanese visa this year, but hey, I serve a living God!

Ngwo Pine Forest Enugu
Enugu, Nigeria

I am dreaming all these dreams and praying to the Almighty God to fund them. I would love to visit the places on this list by the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean I’d pass on any opportunity to explore other places that appeal to me sometime in the year.

I see myself going to countries like Côte d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and the Gambia this year, but they didn’t make the list because I am currently not looking forward to visiting them. However, this is very likely to change later in the year.

I will be back to review this list by year-end to see how much of it I was able to achieve. Fingers crossed, as we aim to surprise ourselves once again.


  1. Can’t wait to travel with you from my phone! ???? and I’m saying arigato for the Japanese content in advance, we serve a living God! ????

    1. Girl, you know this! Let me go and start brushing up on my Japanese so my miracle meets me ready.

  2. I love all the places you want to visit and i also want to visit them with you dearest travel bestie

    1. My travel bestieee.
      Let me even go and create a group chat so we can say “the trip finally left the group chat, yay!”

  3. Funny how Bauchi, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda are on my list. Vietnam and Malaysia on delulu list ????

    1. Twinsss. I absolutely love it for you, Sis. And yay to the delulu list!!

  4. The first step is always writing down the vision!

    1. You know the drill!

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