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In June of last year, I checked Enugu off my bucket list. It wasn’t just another trip; Enugu had always held a special place in my heart, ever since I learned that my family lived there and two of my four siblings spent a part of their childhood there.

Growing up, I listened to Nigga Raw a lot, and I have fond memories of my parents describing some of the landmarks he mentioned in his lyrics to us.

Oakland Park Enugu

Although I had been to Enugu once before, exploring the state was an experience I desperately looked forward to, and my happiness knew no bounds the moment I stepped foot in this city again.

In this post, I have shared my Enugu weekend itinerary. If you’re planning a future trip and looking for ideas on things to do in Enugu, feel free to use my itinerary if the activities fit your interests.

Enugu Weekend Itinerary: Friday

We left Owerri at 10 a.m. on Friday and reached Enugu by 2 p.m. After a two-hour rest, we kicked off our itinerary with a visit to the first place on our list.

Things to do in Enugu: Visit Oakland Amusement Park 

I knew I had to visit Oakland Park after I saw Bella of Bellabooks post about her girls’ trip to Enugu, and Oakland was the highlight. I particularly looked forward to riding a roller coaster for the first time.

Arriving at the park, the atmosphere seemed just right to finally take a spin on the rides. The park was pleasantly uncrowded, which added to the experience.

With a variety of rides to choose from, we opted for the roller coaster, bumper cars, and coffee cup rides, each priced at N1500, N1000, and N700, respectively.

Some of the rides you could try out at Oakland Park, along with their prices, are shown in the image below.

Once we wrapped up our time at Oakland Park, we returned to our hotel, marking the end of our first day.

Enugu Weekend Itinerary: Saturday

If you are a nature lover, take out a pen and put this one on your list. Hello, Ngwo Pine Forest!

Ngwo Pine Forest Enugu

Things to do in Enugu: Visit Ngwo Pine Forest, Cave, and Waterfall

Located in Ngwo LGA, Ngwo Pine Forest is a must-include spot on your Enugu itinerary. Since it’s a bit out of town, we planned to leave early to ensure we could explore it thoroughly and still have time for the other activities on our itinerary.

Ngwo Pine Forest Enugu

It’s worth noting that Ngwo Pine Forest, Cave, and Waterfall are all part of one location. However, the cave and waterfall are situated 15 minutes downhill. So, come prepared with your hiking shoes and lots of energy.

I’ve written a blog post about my experience in Ngwo Pine Forest, covering everything you need to know before visiting. You can read it here.

Nike Lake Resort

Things to do in Enugu: Visit Nike Lake Resort

A trip to Enugu is not complete without visiting the stunning Nike Lake Resort. After leaving Ngwo Pine Forest, we returned to our hotel to change into fresh clothes before heading out to the resort.

Nike Lake Resort is the perfect spot for a relaxing experience in Enugu. You can consider the boat ride activity if you’re up for it, or explore other options detailed in my previous blog post.

Nike Lake Resort Environment
Nike Lake Resort Enugu

Arriving at Nike Lake Resort a bit too late for a boat ride (which closes at 5 p.m.), we seized the opportunity to bask in the serenity of the resort’s lush environment. How refreshing that was!

Things to do in Enugu: Visit Polo Park Mall/ShopRite

Although not initially on our itinerary, we spotted Polo Park Mall on our way to Nike Lake Resort and made a mental note to check it out on our way back.

To our surprise, Polo Park Mall was fully operational even in the late evening. What particularly caught my attention from afar was the Ferris wheel. Having never been on one before, this was the perfect opportunity to check it off my bucket list.

Before hopping on the ride, we bought cotton candy, another first for me. It was a trip filled with many firsts, and I loved every moment! We paid N300 for the ride, got on the Ferris wheel, and enjoyed the ride for as long as the captain allowed.

Later, we went inside the mall, did a bit of shopping, grabbed some takeout from Chicken Republic, and then headed back home.

Enugu Weekend Itinerary: Sunday

While putting this itinerary together, I discovered a beautiful Catholic church on the map, which happened to be the Cathedral Parish in Enugu. Knowing I’d love to attend mass there, I added it to the itinerary immediately.

Things to do in Enugu: Visit Holy Ghost Cathedral, Enugu

Sunday morning came, and we packed up our bags, checked out of the hotel, and took a ride to Holy Ghost Cathedral in Achara, just a 10-minute drive from our hotel. Going to church with our luggage wasn’t the way I had pictured this part, but it was the most efficient way to make the most of our time, energy, and money.

We attended the last mass, which began at 10:00 a.m. and concluded at noon. Right after the mass, we picked up our luggage and headed straight to the park, marking the end of our trip.


I thoroughly enjoyed every moment in Enugu, and though it felt like I did a lot, I know there’s so much more to explore in this gem of a city. On my next visit, places like Awhum Waterfall, Iyi Nzu, Awgu Waterfall, and other natural attractions are definitely on my list. As for activities, a helicopter tour is gradually making its way to the top of my bucket list, and who knows? I might just check it off during my next visit.

Enugu Weekend Itinerary

Are you looking forward to visiting Enugu, Nigeria? Tell me what places you would love to visit in the comment box below.

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