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A Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan by Train: Cycling With Friends + Cost Breakdown

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past three months of living in Lagos as a full-time corporate girlie, it’s how quickly time passes when you’re engrossed in work, and how easy it is to become disconnected from your friends.

During the Eid holiday this April, a friend invited me to be their tour guide on a day trip from Lagos to Ibadan by train since I’d been there before. Anyone who knows me knows I never say no to travel, so of course, I agreed.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

A Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan: The Planning

As the group’s OG planner, I planned our day’s itinerary, booked our train tickets, and sent everyone their e-tickets via WhatsApp.

We decided it was about time we experienced the train’s first-class coach, so that’s exactly what we booked. My friends boarded at the Ebute Metta Station in Yaba, while I waited and joined them at the Agege Station.

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Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan by Train: The Journey 

It was a three-hour trip from Lagos to Ibadan. Due to technical issues, we had a 20-minute delay, which ate into the little time we had.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

We arrived at the Obafemi Awolowo Station in Moniya, Ibadan, at 11:30 AM, leaving us with just 3 hours and 30 minutes before we had to catch the evening train back at 3:55 PM.

Upon arrival at the station, we hired a taxi to take us into town, arranging with the driver to stay with us for the entire day. 

Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan: Boat Cruising on Eleyele Lake

The journey from the station to our first stop, Eleyele Lake, took about 45 minutes, catching us off guard. With just about 2 hours left, we quickly booked a boat cruise, strapped on our life jackets, and hopped into the 6-passenger boat.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

Although the cruise was supposed to last only 10 minutes, our captain generously extended our time.

At exactly 1:00 PM, we wrapped up our time at Eleyele Lake, found our driver where he was waiting for us, and hopped back into the car for a 30-minute ride to Agodi Gardens, located in the heart of Ibadan.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan by Train: Cycling in Agodi Gardens 

Agodi Gardens turned out to be an unexpected highlight of our trip, even though it wasn’t originally on our itinerary. Arriving just after 1:30 PM, we headed straight to the bicycle rental area and paid for 3 bikes.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

Luck seemed to be on our side that day, as the attendant offered us unlimited time for a ride that was supposed to last only 30 minutes. We pedaled our hearts out, exploring every nook and cranny of the garden, causing a bit of mischief and attracting attention along the way.

One of us managed to squeeze in a horse-riding activity which lasted for a few minutes.

It was a delightful experience, one that I didn’t realize I needed after such a stressful and chaotic quarter at work.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan by Train: Departures 

As 2:45 PM rolled around, we knew our time in Ibadan was up. But before leaving, we couldn’t resist grabbing cups of ice cream. Unfortunately, they didn’t taste as good as we hoped, so we ended up throwing them away.

Afterward, we hopped back into our ride for another 45-minute journey to the train station. Arriving at 3:34 PM, we made our way to the business class coach we had booked for our return trip. The Business Class wasn’t significantly different from the Standard Class.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

At precisely 3:55 PM, the train departed. knowing the distance ahead, we called one of the hostesses and ordered three packs of smoky jollof rice with turkey. While the food was delicious, the portions were disappointingly small.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

We plugged in our headphones and zoned out for the rest of the trip, enjoying the scenery passing by outside.

We arrived at Mobolaji Johnson Train Station, Ebute Metta, around 6:40 PM. This was where we all parted ways.

Lagos to Ibadan by Train

Where Am I Going Next?

This trip to Ibadan was an experience I didn’t know I needed, and as I write this, I’m already excited about the plans I have for the upcoming public holidays in June. I’m thinking of an overnight getaway outside Lagos, preferably to a destination with a waterfall to add some extra spice.

If you’re interested and as excited as I am about this, shoot me an email at, and I’ll send you all the details once they’re ready.

Day Trip From Lagos to Ibadan by Train: Cost Breakdown 

Transportation Activities Food
First Class Train Ticket : N9000 per personBoat Ride: N15,000 Ice Cream: N1000 per person
Business Class Train Ticket: N6500 per person Bicycle Ride: N1000 per bikeSmoky Jollof: N3000 per person 
Private Taxi: N15,000 Bottled Water: N500 per person
Lagos to Ibadan by Train


As you can see, the total cost of the trip came up to N31,000 when split among three people. However, if you’re looking to take a day trip from Lagos to Ibadan by train on a budget, there are plenty of ways to do so.

For instance, you can opt for the standard train ticket, which costs N3600. Additionally, you can use public transportation to navigate within the city. As for activities, Eleyele Lake offers other types of boat rides, some costing as little as N2000 per person.

You don’t need to break the bank to have a similar experience. With proper planning and in the company of the right people, I’m sure you’ll have a great time, just like I did.


Lagos to Ibadan by Train

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