Pizeria Bayelsa

Another location on my Bayelsa itinerary was Pizeria Café and Grill, also known as Pizeria Bayelsa. On this particular day, I went there on a solo date to have their renowned pizza.

It was a Sunday evening, and I had a feeling that I might not have a good time because everyone and their grandmother would be there. However, it was not as bad as I had thought, because at least I entertained myself by mentally critiquing other people’s dates. Don’t judge me, please. I was bored.

Pizeria Bayelsa

Locating Pizeria Café and Grill, Bayelsa

Pizeria Bayelsa is located along the Isaac Boro Expressway by PDP junction in Yenagoa. It is not a a very noticeable spot, and unless you really know what it looks like, you wouldn’t be able to identify it.

Pizeria Bayelsa

During my time in Bayelsa, I noticed that everything was close to everything, and Pizeria was no exception. It was, in fact, in the backyard of the place I was staying. and I was happy to walk my way to the place.

Pizeria has mostly outdoor seating, and I sat in the other section, which had no shelter. I wanted the evening air and also needed to stay close to where my pizza would be coming from. This section sold ice cream and pizza, while the sheltered section sold chips, chicken wings, and shawarma.

Pizeria Bayelsa

The bar section is guarded by a gate and opens at 5 p.m. To stay here, you must order something off the menu; otherwise, you will be bounced out.

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Pizeria Bayelsa Opening hours

Pizeria is open from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday.

What I had at Pizeria Bayelsa

I came to Pizeria just for the pizza, but before it got ready, I ordered a cone of plain ice cream. The ice crem was so good that I wanted more.

Pizeria Bayelsa ice cream

I have not had enough pizza in my life to have a preference, so I just told them to make anything for me. The plan was to take the pizza home and enjoy it, but I took a bite right there to confirm that it lived up to its stellar reputation.

Pizeria Bayelsa pizza

The only thing I didn’t like about Pizeria was that I had to wait for my pizza for a little over an hour. Apart from that, I loved everything else.

Pizeria Bayelsa

I recommend you visit Pizeria anytime you are in Yenagoa. Also let me know when you do.


  1. The best cities in my opinion are the ones that have something that can be likened to a city centre – where everything is close to everything else, in different parts of the city. I like that everything is close to everything else where you visited.

    1. Yes, true. It makes it a lot easier to get around in such cities.
      Thank you for reading.?

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