Twenty-Grateful | 21 Things I am Grateful for

Yukay's birthday

Birthdays are beautiful, I must say. I’ve just been celebrating them the wrong way. This year was almost going to be one of those birthdays when I wake up feeling unhappy and dissatisfied. I wasn’t really raised to be big on birthdays, so seeing people do heavy things on these days was something I could not wrap my head around.

However, what I have learned to do was to have a gratitude-filled heart. There are many things to be grateful for. The blessings are so much and undeserved. God has been exceptionally graceful to me in areas that I cannot even start to write in detail about.

21 things I am grateful for

For this year, here are 21 things that I am grateful for:

Life: I don’t think anyone understands how much a gift this is. In all 21 years of my life, I have not had any near-death experience, accidents, attacks, etc. It’s not juju. It’s God’s abundant grace at work.

Health: This year has been a big fight health-wise. I went through it all and came out, stronger than ever. Here is to all the healings, quick recoveries, and the cute little cells that fight my small but mighty invasion battles.

Work: For all the work experiences that have brought me exposure in my fields of interest.

Success: I’ve been enjoying so many successes that I didn’t work for. In my academics, business, etc. It’s the way my cup has been overflowing for me.

Family: This one is for my beautiful family. God handpicked members of my family and gave them to me. I’m grateful for all their support, prayers, encouragement, and consolations on my bad days.

Friends: My friendship this year has been somehow. It’s been intense, heartwarming, and heartbreaking. I am so in love with my close friends that I can marry them. They’ve shown me what it means to love and be loved. To be present, to share, and to bear each other’s burdens.

Srrength: This one is for all the times I have been weak and tired but still pulled through.

School: I am scared of what life after school would look like. I once told my roommate that I didn’t think I want to graduate yet. I love school. I always looked forward to resumption every time we were on holiday. I would probably be a scholar till I die. I cannot imagine a life without being an academic.

Books: Oh my my. I don’t love reading. I love books. I could starve to buy books. I am slowly building a library, and looking at all my books is pure ecstasy.

Writing: For the ability to write without having to learn the skill for one day.

Creativity: I took after my father, the Creator himself. I am eternally grateful for the ability to create.

My Business: I have done several businesses this year and they all thrived with minimal effort. I am yet to understand how this has happened and is still happening because I know for a fact that I am not putting in anything close to the amount of work I want to put into my business. And yet awele (favour) always finds me.

Retentive Memory: You wish, baa?

Peace: I have wished for this more than anything. I don’t think I am there yet but I can feel the transition.

My Customers: My customers are a huge part of my life. I see them patronizing me as blessings and then try as much as possible to return those blessings by praying for them as often as I can. If you are reading this and fall in this category, I love you so much and wish you the best in all your endeavors. Come here for a big hug.

I am grateful this year for so many other things like relationships, connections, nature, passion, love, patience, and movies.

All of these have contributed immensely to my growth this year and to that, I give thanks.

Dear ABBA, thank you for these and the numerous other gifts. Your baby is forever in your debt.

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